† A New Day

Have you ever heard the saying “They woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Well, I’ve been the recipient of this saying more than I care to admit.  Truth is, from time to time everyone has bad days.  In my opinion, what would register on a gauge of bad days would be getting up late in the morning to head to a job interview and realize you suddenly don’t have any running water.  You had running water when you brushed your teeth last night.  So now, not only do you run the risk of getting to your interview late—you have to go without a bath.

So, you rush out the door, lock it behind up you, and to your surprise the front tire on the driver’s side is completely flat.  Immediately, you call a friend, and they don’t answer the phone and you start to panic.  Not-so-nice thoughts begin to rush through your mind, because you know you can’t call to reschedule and how dare they did not pick up the phone when you need them the most.  In your panic you start rehearsing in your mind all of the other times they weren’t there for you.  Irritably you head to your neighbor’s house who you really don’t know and ask for a ride to your interview.  They say they are heading out anyway and agree to drop you off—no problem.  Now with a sigh of relief you guys head down the street in a car full of dog hair and Cheetos.

As you’re looking through your papers, trying not to focus on the condition of your miracle transportation, you lift your head up only to notice that you’re stuck behind a school bus—whose driver seems to be stopping every few feet.  Why don’t they all just walk down to the stop sign and with one stop—everybody’s on the bus?  Shaking your head in frustration and sitting there looking out the window—you start wishing you could start your day over.  When the bus finally turns off the road, you hear this loud noise—alerting you that a train is passing your way.  If you were driving you may have been able to dodge it, but because your neighbor is driving like a responsible person—you sit there, for what seems like forever, waiting for the train to pass.  You’re now furious because you can’t complain while you’re begging for a ride and now, you’re totally convinced that you’re gonna miss this opportunity altogether.

Finally, you’re now about 5 minutes away from where you need to be and your mobile phone rings.  You answer it and they tell you that something has come up and wanted to know if you’d be willing to reschedule for another day.  Gaining your composure, you remain polite and reschedule.

I pray this never happens to anyone, but all of the negative energy you had and the thoughts you’ve entertained don’t rob you of your salvation.  You may be mad, had a rough day, and not too pleased with your attitude or the events of the morning—but you’re “Still Saved”.  Salvation doesn’t depend on how well our day starts or how pleasant it ends.  It’s built on how well we can receive God’s mercies for that day.  He understands our challenges with living life here on earth.  Cheer-up—His mercies are new every day.  This means He’s given us mercy for “A New Day “.   Take a deep breath and embrace tomorrow with a thankful heart, remembering that God’s mercies are new to us every day!  (Read Lamentations 3:22-23 KJV)

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