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Back in my day, I remember a time when I was waiting on a call from a friend to share with me what this guy, I liked said about me.  We had planned it out, that at lunch time she would find him and ask him all of our preplanned questions.

You know how it is when you’re in middle school and you like someone but didn’t have the courage to speak to them for yourself—you sent a friend to do the talking for you.  I was pretty invisible to all the popular guys, but this guy was quiet and well mannered—so we came up with the perfect plan and my friend carried it out.

When I got home from school that day, I could barely focus enough to do my homework or my chores without wondering what he said, and how he answered each question.  Expectation and excitement flooded my heart but to top things off—my mom was on the phone talking up a storm.  She went on and on and on, for what seemed like hours. I found myself continuously walking by, looking at her, and rolling my eyes—hoping she would just hang-up already.

Think on this for a minute—if you will.  See, back in those days, believe it or not—if someone was on the phone already and another person called—they weren’t getting through.  They would hear what we called “a busy signal” and whatever you called to talk about or say—had to wait until the line was clear.  If it was an emergency, you could get the operator to cut into the line and get the person off the phone.  But I knew my friend wasn’t gonna do all that.  So, when she called, I  was so afraid the line would be busy.

Well, technology eventually resolved that issue, and now we have what’s called—”Call Waiting”.  If you were on the phone, you’d receive a tone to alert you that someone is trying to get through.  Today your phone’s screen will let you know someone’s trying to get through and, in most cases, you can read the screen to see who it is.  What an amazing break through.

I stopped by to tell you today, whether you just want to talk or you have a true emergency situation, you can call The Lord and you’ll never get a busy signal.   He’s never too busy for your desire to reach Him.  In your darkest of hours, don’t hesitate to give Him a call.  All you have to do is say “Lord it’s me”.  It’s just that simple and easy.  Your call will always go through. In fact, I believe He’s been patiently waiting to hear from you!  Why not give Him a call today—and tell Him all about it.  Invite Him into your situation.  And if you just want to talk and thank Him for loving you—He’s standing by to answer that call too.

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