† Can’t Hide

This day and age a lot of people don’t want anything to do with the church or the people in it. Instead of embracing the love that God provides to them through their salvation, we have a tendency to hide.  We don’t particularly care for people in our business or judging us when they are completely ignorant of the things that you’ve gone through or what our struggles are.  Human beings are just human beings, so we owe it to ourselves to look beyond them and continue to focus our sights on The Lord.

I recall a prophet who received an evil report one day from just trying to do what God asked him to do.  Standing up for what he truly believed in, while carrying out the call on his life.  Elijah was his name. He stood up against the false prophets in the land including the King’s wife—Jezebel.

In fear of her threats, he departed his city and fled to the wilderness hiding from her intimidations and promises to take his life.  Full of discouragement, hoping, and praying the wilderness would get to him first, and perhaps regretting he had even given his life over in service to God, he figured life would be better without the headache of how things were playing out for him.

In fact, the Bible records he wanted to die.  He wanted to flee from Jezebel and hide from God too.  But here’s the thing; no matter where we flee, no matter where we go—we can run but we can’t hide!  Not from God anyway.   He’s always with us and promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  He’s committed to taking care of what belongs to Him—and that’s you.

People are people and they will do whatever is in their power to do, regardless of who it may offend. So instead of focusing on people and your immediate reaction to the things they do or say, remember you’re “Still Saved”.  Regardless of how you feel or don’t feel from one day to the next—you’re Still Saved, and that day will soon turn-into a brighter tomorrow.  God takes care of His own and you can’t hide from His presence.  He will strengthen you through it—if you’d just hold on and continue to trust His love for you! (Read 1 Kings 19:1-15; Hebrews 13:5 KJV)

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Remember…God Can!

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