† Clean-up the Spilled Milk—Already!

No one plans to spill milk.  Most times, more than not—it’s an accident.  That means you didn’t plan for it to happen, it just did.  Most accidents are forgivable—simply because they weren’t  deliberate.  If you’re wise, you’ll try to resolve your mistake quickly and in a timely manner.

Let’s look at milk for a moment.  It’s a known fact that milk doesn’t last too long anyway, and it needs to stay refrigerated in order to keep it from going bad.  When milk goes bad, in or out of the refrigerator, it gives off an odor and depending on how bad it is, it’s liquid form changes and can become more solid.  When poured it may smell sour, have a yellowish tint to it, and may even appear a little lumpy instead of the white and smooth pouring liquid you had originally.

Life oftentimes throws things at us that we really aren’t expecting or wanting.  However, it’s how we handle those things when they come our way, that truly matters the most.  We can handle them anyway we want to.  We can get angry, start cursing, and yelling, or even shut ourselves down, while shutting folk out.  I say this because I have mastered the trade.  Or we can make an effort to choose to handle it in several other ways.

Look, since it’s already occurred, it’s too late to keep it from happening. The only thing left to do now is accept it, learn from it, and move forward!  Cleaning up the spilled milk—is proof that you’ve come to grips with it and now decided not to allow it to change your entire life—going forward.  It’s just milk—don’t let it define who you are or change you from who God originally created you to be.  Take a look at your spilled milk and as you prepare to clean it up, remember this too shall pass. Problem is, most people (metaphorically speaking), never cleaned it up to start with.  Years have now gone by, and the smell comes out in everything they say or do, allowing  others to witness their spoiled condition.

I encourage you, to make a decision today, to “Shake Yourself Loose” and Clean-up the Spilled Milk—Already!  If not, it can cause damage to your surface and eventually affect, in a negative way, what’s underneath.  It’s time to remove the sour smell that lingers-on in your life every time you pour.  Don’t let it stay there as a reminder of what happened—giving it time to go bad.  Instead, just “Clean it up already!” (Read Isaiah 26:3 KJV)

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