† Do You Want to Be…?

When I was a child ,my uncles from up north would come and visit and the first thing, they would ask me is “What do you want to be?” In those days I was young, so the answer would be something like a policeman, fireman or a Soldier, you know something I thought was a good job, make me rich or it just looked cool. Needless to say, I didn’t get riches and I’m not a cop or a fireman.  I went the Soldier route, not a bad life and it supported me, and my family and it still does.

I titled this article as a question to make us think.  If you were asked this question today, how would you fill in the blank?  Some people would say riches, to be debt free, to be stress and worry free, maybe a better parent, sibling, or spouse.  There was gentleman in the Bible who was asked that same question and didn’t have an immediate answer.  I believe he had lost sight of being delivered and only had reasons and excuses of why it wasn’t or couldn’t happen.

In (John 5:6-12) Jesus asked the man a most obvious question, did he want to be healed and after some back and forth he healed him and went on His way.  This is not a lesson or sermon, I’m sure you all know the story but it’s a reminder.  A reminder to never quit, give up or throw in the towel no matter how bad you want to. This man laid there unable to walk, waiting on help from outside forces for 38 years.  I’m sure he must have prayed for healing a lot of those years, but like humans do when we don’t see it happening, we give up hope and think it’s not going to happen because it’s taking too long.

You don’t know when your day is coming when you’ll be asked “Do you want to be…?”   So, hold on a little longer.  When it’s gets tough, you get tougher.  When it gets rough, you get rougher.  Do the best you can, and let God do the rest.  It’s taken years for this to sink into my head, and it’s still not in there all the way.  So  today, I’ll tell you what I was told.  It’s a process, and you’ve got to go through it.  So, while you go through the process get your answer ready. Do you want to be…? May God continue to bless you, your brother in Christ…TMK.

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