† Exit Stage Right

Things can show up in our lives that we’re really not ready for or expecting. When those things happen, what do you do? Where or who do you turn to? How do you respond to them or react to the situation that’s caught you off guard? I believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle anything that we face—even if we are truly unprepared.

I’m reminded of a man in the Bible who faced his share of unexpected circumstances, and he made good choices through them all. But there was one in particular that came out of nowhere, and I would have never thought to do what he did, to relieve himself of the issue at hand.

Joseph was his name. Here he stood minding his own business, working, and laboring in his master’s home as his overseer of all that he had. Being the type of godly man he was, he respected his God and the man who trusted him with all his affairs. But Joseph had captured the eye of his master’s spouse. She made a pass at him and asked him to lie with her. Joseph refused to disrespect his God or her husband—so he attempted to flee the scene in a hurry—but she caught him by his garment and wouldn’t let go. In his determination to get away from her, he left so quickly, that he came out of his garment and left it in her hands.

In the world we now live in, it’s so important to hold on to our integrity no matter what we’re faced or challenged with. After all, it’s all we have and what separates us from the rest. Most people would call Joseph weak or even crazy for not giving into her advances—since she ended up lying on him anyway, but I think it was honorable and wise of him to create the opportunity to “Exit Stage Right”. She thought she had him pinned in, but Joseph refused to be caught in a bad or compromising situation and he fled.

When you find yourself in a situation you’d rather not be in—don’t give into the pressure. You owe it to yourself to Exit Stage Right. Come Hell or High Water—you must fight to keep your integrity intact, and only be concerned with how you’ll feel about yourself later, if the situation were to get out of hand. “Come Hell or High Water” don’t hesitate to fight—to “Exit Stage Right” when you need to. Let them think whatever they want to. Just hold on to your integrity and make God proud. (Read Genesis 39 KJV)

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