† For God So Loved the World

It’s hard to care about someone or show them love when they don’t love you back. I’m sure you’ve experienced this firsthand at least once in your life. You give your time, your energy, and even your help whenever they need it; while you continue to receive nothing in return— sometimes not even a thank you.

Most times you’re able to look pass the things they do to you that seem to be a bit selfish and undeserving. Instead of being angry with them, you extend them mercy and mercy, and more mercy time after time. You do this because you love them and receive their inconsideration. If this continues to be the case, if you’re human, eventually you will begin to feel used, abused, disrespected, and discarded.

“Think on This” for a minute if you will. If we often feel this way because of the treatment, we constantly receive from those we love—wonder how it makes God feel when we do the same to Him? The Bible says, for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, and He gave Him for us. The truth of the matter is that God continues to love us regardless of how we treat Him.

He blesses us when we don’t deserve to be blessed. He provides for us daily and oftentimes we don’t even stop to tell Him thank you. It’s easy to get so focused on the things that go on in our lives without caring about how we are able to breath and have our being. We are alive right now simply because God loves us. It’s time to let Him know we appreciate His love, His grace, and the mercy He offers every minute of every day. He extends it to us because of His love towards us.

For God So Love the World—He gave. It’s time for us to give back to Him. What can you do to ensure He knows you’re grateful for His love? Why not give Him thanks and offer love back to Him—in service to Him. Think about it. He deserves the best we have to give. Stop what you’re doing right now and tell Him today, Lord—I love you too and then give Him your thanks. Take a moment to think about the plan He made, so that you might live with Him forever and give Him thanks! (Read John 3:16)

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