† I Can Only Imagine

Today as I prepared to get out of bed and embrace another day—a thought came to my mind.  A phrase that I’ve heard sung before, but something was different about it.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if God was absent from it?  I can only image that I would be somewhere tied to a beer bottle—drowning my sorrows in it.  Somewhere perhaps on skid row with no purpose, no concern, and no future.  Maybe I would be doing whatever I wanted to do, disregarding the possible consequences of my actions.

To make things even worse—I could be hopelessly depressed and focused on every should-of, could-of, would of—while whatever life I had was passing me by.  Maybe sitting around hating folks that mistreated me or betrayed me, upset, and hurt because of it; while they haven’t given it another thought. They have moved on, while I’m stuck in my emotions and feelings, unable to gain my footing enough to move past it.

If God is in your life or not —this is definitely not His plans or desires for me or you.  It’s time to “Shake Yourself Loose” and put the devil in his place.  The enemy wants your life to be miserable at best.  He wants your life to be full of pain, sorrow, and despair. He wants you to sit around day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year rehearsing your failures until time slips right by you.  It’s time to make him out of the liar that he is. How?  By taking that same time to imagine God’s provision for you.

Imagine His protection for you.  Imagine His mercy towards you and imagine how things will be for your future.  Imagine walking on the streets of gold.  Imagine no more tears, no more pain, and no more fear.  See our past is just that—the past and we can’t waste time focused on it.  We must use our time to change our future—ensuring it’s headed in the right direction.

Take some time today and say to yourself—“I Can Only Imagine” how great my life will be once I move pass all the things the enemy has tried desperately to keep me burdened down in.  Regardless of how your life has been so far, God is waiting for you to “Shake Yourself Loose” and give Him the opportunity to show you how life can be going forward.  “Shake Yourself Loose” today and take time to imagine your  life in Him. (Read Revelation 21:1-7)

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Remember…God Can!

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