† I’m Not Tired Yet

I still remember the days of my active duty career. Things were so different back then, then they are today.

At a very young age, straight out of high school, I volunteered to be all I could be in the Army. I had no idea that the requirement would wear me out like it did, but I gave it my best and hung in there with the best of them.

I had been a tomboy by nature back then and was used to the physical activity.  I knew how to work hard to accomplish my overall goal and if I was gonna do it—I had better do it right.  Doing it wasn’t good enough for me, I had to put my all in it, in order to obtain the best outcome possible.  My mentality back then was you don’t quit just because it’s gets too hard for you.  Quitting was for wimps and not for the real soldiers. But I must admit to you today that I don’t always feel that way.  I am tempted to give up, give in, give out, and even walk out on some task at times.

See, I volunteered and got myself enlisted into the Army of the Lord back in 1994 and it’s been a journey to say the least. God’s Army for me was no different than the US Army.  If I was going to do anything for God, I had to put my all into it too.  I had to possess the same mentality—to keep going and never quit.  However, there have been times when it felt as if the devil was working so hard to get me to give up and walk out on God.

One day everything that could go wrong was going wrong.  I started thinking—why is this happening and what was this battle really about.  Why am I being tempted everyday—to just give up?   After all this has never been a part of my make up.  In my frustration, I started praying and thinking about that thing.  How could I quit on God when He’s NEVER quit on me.

He never gets tired of providing for me, caring for me, healing me when I’m sick, and delivering me when I need it the most. He’s there for me when others aren’t; helping me make it from day-to-day. He’s there with me through trials and through tribulations, He’s the most constant being I know. So, guess what? “I’m Not Tired Yet!”   The devil may use people to hurt me, set-up things to try to set me up to fail, but come Hell or High Water, “I’m Not Tired Yet”.

I encourage you today to push through whatever you’re facing and stay the course. Be steadfast and unmovable, always abiding in the work of the Lord.  For as much as we know—our labor for Him is not in vain.  God is with you, and He will never leave you nor forsake you.  With Him on our side—we can accomplish anything!  Tell the devil today, I’m not tired yet and Come Hell or High Water I will never give up or walk out on God!

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