† It’s Harvest Time

Every true farmer will tell you that after they’ve labored and worked very hard—they get excited when the  harvest time comes.  They’ve prayed for the rain and sunlight—they’ve toiled and turned the soil, fertilized the ground, and planted the seeds that will sprout up eventually, producing crops in their proper season. For many of them—their livelihood is determined by reaping the product—of what they sowed.

In God’s economy sowing and reaping is also an important principle in life.  I wish that someone had shared this with me years ago when I was doing whatever I thought I was big and bad enough to do.  I didn’t know that just like the farmer, harvest time would eventually come for me too, and I would end up reaping what I had sown.  Lord have mercy on me!

“Think on This” for a minute.  It doesn’t have to be all bad news.  God has blessed mankind with free-will and that means we have been given the freedom of choice.  We have the freedom to choose our outcomes.  If I’m going to reap what I have sown, then the concept applies to whatever I sow.  In other words, it works for us whether we sow good or if we sow the opposite.

If we are going to reap what we’ve sown, wouldn’t it be a good idea to sow what we’re willing to or want to reap when the harvest time comes?  Look at it this way.  If we sow mercy to those in need of mercy, we will reap mercy, when we need it the most.  If I sow hatred and discord to those I come in contact with, I will eventually reap hatred and discord from others and probably when I really could do without it.

Harvest time will come sooner or later, and I encourage each of us to start sowing the things we want to reap.  If I want to reap love when I need it the most—then I must start sowing love to those around me whether I feel up to it or not.  If I desire to receive compassion from others—I must sow compassion to those who may not (in my opinion) even deserve it. Think about it and then decide what you want  to reap when your harvest time comes!  (Read Galatians 6:7 KJV)

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