† It’s Just How You Look at It

Have you ever heard the adage “seeing the glass half full?” It’s when you choose to see something optimistically.

For example: my hot water heater went out, took a while to get it fixed but the entire time I was able to restart it and have hot water, but all I could see was I had to restart the pilot, each time. I was seeing the glass half empty, instead I should have been thankful that all I had to do was re-light the pilot whenever it went out and not have to boil water to do everyday tasks.

Only recently have I started to change the way I look at things and trust me it’s not easy.  Going from woe is me, my life sucks to, hey it’ll be alright is not an easy task. I’m a person that wants everything in its place and working the way it should, but that’s not how life works.  It’s kind of like living your life for Christ. You think just because you’re trying to live right, bad things won’t happen. Not true.

Being saved, regardless of rather you’ve just started your walk or have been at it for some time, it’s hard but worth it. I had certain expectations when I got saved and baptized. I thought that everything would go from bad to good instantly. It didn’t. The pain I felt then, I still feel now. The things that bothered me then, still bother me now and all I could see is that nothing had changed. Not true.

I was told the truth a few days later. Just because you got saved and baptized doesn’t stop bad things from happening, doesn’t make the pain go away, and it doesn’t make life any easier; if you’re serious about it and trying to please God, it’s probably going to make it a little worse. At least being saved, now you have someone with you who understands and has gone through it Himself and can help you when you start to see everything as half empty. And that my friends is Jesus.

Life is rough on all of us; no one is getting an easy pass-through life. When those bad things happen, remember, it’s just how you look at it. If you look at it through eyes of gloom, despair, and agony, it’s probably going to make it that much harder. But if you change the way you see it, it may help grow you into a stronger person; a tool fit to be used by God.

So, when not so favorable things start to happen in your life, remember there are always two sides: It’s Just How You Look at It.  May God continue to bless you, your brother in Christ…TMK.

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