† It’s Under Your Feet

Playing quietly on the floor, while you’re drinking your morning coffee and watching a program on television, your toddler plays unaware of the reality that danger can strike at any time.  You glance over there a time or two, smile and continue watching your program.  A commercial comes on again that you’ve seen at least five times within the hour—you take your eyes off the tube and place them back on your child.  To your surprise you see a spider crawling towards your innocent baby and in that moment, you get up off the couch, you start walking very slow towards his direction and with all the might you possess, you step on the spider to stop its advance on your child. Good looking out. You succeeded and now “It’s Under Your Feet”.

As vigilant as a good parent is when it comes to protecting their young child from danger, they must be as watchful when it comes to their own lives too.  In this world, there are dangers we can see and those we can’t see.  But they both have one thing in common—they are still danger.  It’s dangerous to focus too long on the wrong things.  It’s dangerous to put all your energy on trying to fix things or people you can’t control.  It’s dangerous to continue allowing things to creep into your life that aims to destroy the ground you’re trying to gain.

The Bible says we have an invisible enemy who uses people, places, things, and situations to accomplish his overall desire and that is to destroy our lives.  Our goal is to remain watchful of his movement and “Come Hell or High Water” when it’s identified, stop giving it your full attention and just put it under your feet.

Whatever seems to be coming at you, stop letting it just advance.  Instead, you need to decide to get up off the couch, step up—and “Come Hell or High Water”—work hard to put it under your feet.  Fight to forget about it.  Why? Because “It’s Under Your Feet” and now you need to leave it there.  Don’t give it any more attention in your life than you already have.  It’s not worth it, nor should it be allowed to roam around at will—fighting against you.   If you’ve decided that it’s no longer welcome in your life, then “Come Hell or High Water”—step up and make sure it remains under your feet! (Read Romans 16:17-20 KJV)

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