† LOVE—A Five Letter Word

Any grammar teacher will tell you that the word love is spelled with four letters and not five. Well, I beg to differ. I’m referring to a different kind of love. A love that is unconditional and unmerited. A love that we don’t deserve. It’s a love that always loves no matter what. A love that’s here today and still present tomorrow. It’s that same love that looks beyond our faults, our sins, our evil and our bad attitudes of ungratefulness, and loves us anyway. Regardless of how we act out or not—this love is always in operation.

I’m talking about the “God kind” of love, and it’s spelled with five letters. AGAPE is its name. It is the source of love that is underserved, gracious, and sacrificial. It loves at all times. Because God loves us so much—He sent His only Son to shed His blood and die for a people who may not love Him back. Every time I think about the sacrifices God has made to show His love to me—I come to understand better that when I mess -up—I’m “Still Saved”! When I get it wrong—God’s love lifts me up. I don’t seek to misuse His love towards me, but I’m so glad that if I make another mistake and do, His love is never changing.

How many times has someone told you they loved you and when the time came for them to show that love—they fail short. Well, don’t take it too personal. Afterall they are only human. God desires that His people try to love others as He, Himself loves them, but He understands. When we fail , He knows our heart is still aimed to please Him. So, try harder the next time an opportunity comes your way to show God’s love and remember, even if you missed it again—you’re Still Saved! (Read 1 John 4:8 NLT)

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