† Not Squeaky Clean

Do you struggle sometimes at doing the things that you know are right, but deep down somewhere in the core of your essence you manage to do the opposite anyway?  Well, let me just tell you, you’re not in a class all by yourself.

Many years ago, when I gave my life over to The Lord—this means I decided to live my life according to the principles I read in the Word of God, I fail almost every day.  I purposed not to do this or that on a regular basis, but by the end of another day, there I was repeating what I had promised I stop.  I became frustrated with myself and thought—I will never get this right.  Then one day while I was reading my Bible, I realized I was trying too hard.  I was trying to clean-up myself, by myself.  I truly thought that was required of me.  This Christian life is not that hard to live or to walk out, if you learn what I learned.

The Bible says that in all of our righteousness we are still just filthy rags in His sight. It goes on to say  that all of us fall short of His glory.  What a liberating revelation.  What a liberating feeling it was to know that I didn’t have to try so hard.  What a relief it was to find out that as long as I purposed in my heart to do the right things—God would be my help.  In other words, He was not expecting me to be perfect—just willing to please Him.  Religion shows us on a daily basis that we are “Not Squeaky Clean”—but it is God’s grace and mercy that reminds us—it’s okay that we’re not.  Because on our best days—we are still filthy in His sight.  It’s our relationship with His Son Jesus that makes us clean.

Take a deep breath and a sigh of relief today remembering that even though you don’t do everything right, you’re Still Saved.  God knows you’re Not Squeaky Clean and He still loves you.  He will help us get over the things we struggle with, if we continue to embrace the love, He gave through His Son Jesus Christ and from our hearts, truly want to please Him.  If we work with Him and not against Him—we can find peace in admitting that we’re Not Squeaky Clean and that God’s mercy will clean us up, little by little if we keep trying to do what is right in His sight.  (Read Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:22-24 KJV)

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