† Our Life is but a Vapor

Every day we open our eyes to a new day is a blessing.  Life is a precious gift given to us by God and should not be taken lightly, taken for granted, or misused.  I can remember countless people who’ve impacted my life in ways that have stayed with me for a very long time.  Some of those encounters left marks of good and some left marks of bad.  James says our lives are but a vapor.  In other words, we could be here today and then gone tomorrow.  See, I am a firm believer that we only have a certain amount of time that we will live on this earth and that time has already been prescribed by our Heavenly Father.

Almost six years ago, I lost my mother.  I never really understood the positive impacts she had made on so many people’s lives, until she was gone.  People spoke so many wonderful and heartfelt words of how her kindness and the love she showed changed their lives in ways they never thought possible.  She left many positive marks on people’s lives, that will live on for years to come, even while she’s gone.

Think on this for a moment if you will… what are you doing with the life you currently have and what impacts are you making on the lives of others?  As you interact with them, are you leaving positive or negative marks.  Better yet, whenever you close your eyes for the last time—what will people have to say about you?  If the negative marks outweigh the positive ones—you can change that today.  As you live from day to day—focus on the words James spoke and try to leave your mark of good on the lives of the people God has allowed in your life.  Our Life is but a Vapor—let’s make good of it!  (Read James 4:14-15)

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