† Promises, Promises

There was a song made a long time ago and the chorus line said “Promises, promises you knew you’d never keep”. Have you ever made a promise and had no intention of keeping it or made it and forgot all about it? Have you ever been in pain, in trouble or so sick and you promised God “If You’d just get me out of this, I promise I’ll do this, that or the other?“ I confess, I’ve done it.

In 2009 or so, I was in Iraq for fifteen months. Every day before we went out on patrol, I would line our convoy up at the gate and pray.  No one knew what I was doing, but I demanded radio silence. I would ask God to protect us on the roads and in the towns and that we may all make it home safe, and in return, I would start going to church, and stop drinking, and cussing.  By His grace, my platoon of 42 soldiers all made it home safe and sound.

About a year or two later, I was in North Carolina helping to set up a birthday party for my mother and my middle sister walked past me and said, “Did you do what you promised God”? I looked at her in total awe and smiled.  She said, “God told me to ask you, I don’t know what you promised, but did you do it?” Of course, I said no, but I’m going too. Immediately, I knew what she was talking about.

I say all that to say this. At the time I made those promises, I was very sincere, but once I was relieved of the burdens and problems of deployment and God had given me what I asked for, I didn’t hold up my end of the deal.  I was reminded a couple of years later after that. What promises have you made to God? What problems, pain or circumstance did He free you from and you haven’t held up your end?

This is not meant to be a bashing or shaming session or even a sermon. It’s meant to be a friendly reminder of the promises we make to God should be acted upon.  We ask for so much and do so little but, He is faithful and true to His promises (2 Peter14:12). I know in times of overwhelming trouble the promises we make may be big ones.  Mine was because I enjoyed doing what I was doing and didn’t want to stop, but I did, with a little push from the Lord. “That’s another story for another time”.  Was it easy? No. Did it happen all at once? No. But I did it, and I feel good about it.

Don’t be like the songwriter’s chorus and make promises, promises you know you’d never keep. Make the promise and work diligently at doing your part because God will do His part. I PROMISE 😊! (May God continue to bless you, your brother in Christ…TMK).

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