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Some of the wounds or trauma we experience are not always visible to the naked eye.  You can be engaged in a conversation with someone, while deep down inside they’re hurting and in serious pain.  Sometimes the discomfort can show on their face, in their attitude, or even spill-out in their conversations and other times you may not even be aware, at all, of their discomfort.

In my years in the military, as an Emergency Medical Technician or (EMT) we were trained to see the signs and symptoms of the injured person’s wounds.  Being able to recognize their issue right away—meant the difference for them, of life or death.  An emergency meant just that.  In other words, they needed medical attention right away and prolonging this service could be detrimental to their overall survival. 

There were three major steps to take when we came up on a person in need of emergency care.  First, we assessed their airway, making sure that their airway was not obstructed.  Secondly, we checked for breathing and if they were able to breathe, then we knew oxygen was still getting to their brain. Thirdly, we needed to ensure that circulation was continuing uninterrupted, allowing for blood flow to all their vital organs. After our ABC check was complete and any issues found quickly corrected—we would do a check of the rest of their body—searching for any obvious signs of injuries, like bleeding. If profuse bleeding was found—we needed to immediately stop the bleeding if they were gonna make it out of this situation alive.  But, what about a person’s wounds or bleeding from the trauma they’ve experienced that can’t be seen with the naked eye? These injuries still need to be treated, as well.  Maybe not so much with physical remedies, but rather with spiritual ones and God specializes in mending our broken hearts from the trauma they’ve been exposed to. 

We must take a moment (from time to time) to assess the condition of our own lives and determine if we have wounds that are still bleeding or unhealed and have now become infected with unforgiveness, bitterness, or resentment. These emotional injuries can be just as detrimental to our physical bodies and can hinder our ability to live happy and healthy lives. 

Living a healthy and happy life depends on your ability and desire to “Shake Yourself Loose” from things that have left you wounded and hurt.  Living out the rest of your life half dead and unhappy—is not God’s total plan for your life.  He has promised to give us double for our trouble and everlasting joy shall be returned unto us.  Starting today—in this moment, I encourage you to “Shake Yourself Loose” from the desire to stay in your current condition and allow the Lord—to heal you completely.  Stop hiding behind each wound—and get free from it—“Shake Yourself Loose” instead.  (Read Isaiah 61:1-7)

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