† Step Up to the Plate

Have you ever considered yourself as having any valuable “worth” locked deep inside you?  You know you’re good at certain things, but when an opportunity to display that worth comes around—something inside you won’t move.  Then another person moves forward and is now being used instead of you. So, you watch and wait; you wait and watch for another chance.  Sometimes you criticize them because you know, if ever given the opportunity again, you could do much better.

Fear can cause us to miss out on a lot of things in life.  The fear of what people will say, do, or think, if we step up and the fear of ending up failing in our determination.  “What if’s” can also be a huge hinderance and a showstopper if we don’t exercise a little courage and at least give it a shot.

I’ve never been a fan of baseball, but the concept of the game rings true when it concerns God’s desire to use the stuff, He’s placed in us. Each player on the team needs the other to win the game.  The short-stop, the catcher, and the first baseman are just as important as the second basemen, the third basemen, left fielder, center and right fielder.  The pitcher is crucial too and each one just has to have enough courage to do their part by first stepping to the plate.

God created each of us in His likeness and in His image and He had a plan in mind for each of us.  While we’re still here on earth, wouldn’t it be a shame to live out our lives in fear—afraid to use the gifts and talents He placed in us to accomplish His will and desires for us?  I’m a firm believer that each of us needs the gifts that others have in order to survive.  We can’t let fear keep us from fulfilling our purpose.  No—“Come Hell or Hight Water” we must “Step Up to the Plate”.

Regardless of who you are, where you are, and what you’ve done in life—God still wants to use you, but you must “Step Up to the Plate”.  It’s time to take your turn and swing.  The bases are loaded, and God your Coach wants you to get off the bench and out of the dugout—hiding out.  He wants to put you in the game, and He wants to use the stuff you have within you to even the score .  No more sitting in the stands watching life play out—God is waiting for you to Step Up to the Plate and Come Hell or High Water—swing!!

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