† The Glory of God

My brothers, have you ever asked a question out loud and received an answer from God immediately?  Well, check this out.  I was on my way to work one morning, praying a bit and singing along with the song on the radio, when I just simply said out loud, “I wish I could see the glory of God”.  Maybe I said, “I wonder have I ever seen the glory of God?”  Something to that affect.  Anyway, not even two minutes had passed by after asking the question, the day my mother was dying came to my mind. A bad day for me, but a glorious one for her.

See, five years ago, my mother passed, but not without leaving us all something to remember. Well, it wasn’t from her, but the Spirit of God that revealed it.  My mother was laying in her hospital bed surrounded by my three sisters and myself, with my older brother on his way. We were all talking trying to keep each other’s mind off of what we all knew was going to happen.  Mom was asleep when my sister looked up and said, “Look at mom’s face, y’all.” There it was, The Glory of God.  Her face was glowing and there was no sickness on it at all.  It looked as though someone had put make-up on her face and lipstick on her lips.  Shortly after that happened, she passed away. This experience was a definite “Yes” you have seen The Glory of God!

In some shape, form, or fashion we have all seen the glory of God. If it’s only a rainbow after the rain has stopped and the sun immediately comes out—it’s His glory.  It could even be that beautiful sunset that’s off in the distance but looks as though it was made especially for you. His glory is in every small or large thing on this earth that we sometimes blow off, by calling it something else.  Still in awe of that day, I know that God answers questions and hears our prayers. They may not come as swift or as obvious as my experience did, but they will come.

The thing is, He answers when He’s ready to and not when we’re ready.  It’s our job to wait.  So, I encourage you my brother, to continue to ask and seek, no matter how long you might have to wait or not.  We all have questions or stand in the need of something and waiting for God to provide—is not overrated.  Until we get that answer or that breakthrough, we are to continue to trust and have faith in The One who holds the answers and blessings in His hands.

If you are asking and waiting on God to do anything for you, continue to be patient, and wait. God knows exactly what you really need and when you need it.   Take a moment to meditate on Psalm 27:14 and may God bless you with His Glory today! Your brother in Christ…TMK.

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