† Will You Pass the Test?

Occasionally while watching TV or listening to the radio, you might hear a series of loud noises followed by the warning “this is a test; this is only a test”. That warning is meant to grab your attention and let you know something is about to happen.

We’ve all had something that has tested us in some shape, form, or fashion. So, I will use myself and a recent test as an example. I’m very short on patience and I know it, so when I go out shopping, I try to do it early in the morning in order to beat the crowds and the traffic.  I do this so my nerves won’t get the best of me.

Last week my wife asked me to go to a busy store with her, right as everyone was getting off work. Thinking to myself, do you see what time it is. I got up and off we went. After fighting the traffic of cars that were cutting in and out of the lanes racing to get home, we made it to the mall.  After about twenty minutes, we found what we were looking for, grabbed it and to the checkout line we went. Thinking it was about over we get to the checkout and what do we see? Six registers and one person working with a line wrapped around the store. Determined to make it through without having a meltdown, I waited until it was our turn.

The gentlemen rang us up and charged the wrong price. He was determined to fix it, and he called for a manager.  She responded, “I’m on my way”.  As she was walking up, two other shoppers entered the store and stopped her in her tracks, so they could pick up their online order, and BOOM just as I was about to tell her exactly what I thought and how I felt about this store and what they could do with everything in it, I heard a voice saying just go outside and wait let your wife handle it from here.  So, I stepped outside pacing the sidewalk and saying “boy y’all are so lucky she’s doing this”, and in about three minutes she walks out with a smile on her face saying come on it’s over now.

Was I upset? Yes. It took a minute for me to calm down and realize it was a test and I passed. Years ago, I would have been the talk of every customer in there, but instead I listened to the still small voice and passed the test.

My brothers, as a new or young saved person, it’s so important that we learn to humble ourselves and listen. Think before we react. Hard to do, but not impossible.  Will I pass every test? I doubt it.  Will you pass every test? Probably not, but it’s the effort put forth in passing them that will make them easier to pass the next go round.  Even though that was a simple example, test like kids, co-workers, your health and even your finances, will come.  Try to keep your cool and remember God’s watching. In order to do His work, we have to humble ourselves enough to see what’s really going on, hear what’s being said, and heed to the warnings—so we can pass the test.  Remember, it’s only a test.  “Will You Pass the Test”? (May God continue to bless you, your brother in Christ…TMK).

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